SPC Plotter


This is an easy-to-use Excel-based tool for creating Statistical Process Control charts. Full instructions are provided on the 'About' worksheet (tabs along the bottom), but essentially all that is required is to enter the data where indicated and then click 'SPC Chart'. There are a few options you can set to control how the SPC chart is calculated and drawn.

Download SPC Plotter 1.2

You'll have to right click and choose "Save target as..." to download the file if you're using Internet Explorer.

Macros must be enabled in Microsoft Excel for these tools to work.
If you have any problems, make sure your Security level is set to Medium (Tools menu -> Macros -> Security), then reload the worksheet and choose 'Enable Macros'.


This software is developed by Philip Lunn and is provided in case it is helpful to others in the NHS. No guarantee is made regarding the functionality of this software.

Comments gratefully received -- info@bothfeet.co.uk